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Nasıl öğrenilir

ASPECT, the secret to understanding **insert any language here**

In this article we discuss one way in which languages are different. I start off with some philosophizing then get into the meat of it. Comment below if you are confused about anything. Oh, and I exaggerated the title. By… Continue Reading →

Why Learning Turkish Has Made My Life Rich

I have lived 3 years and 49 weeks in Turkey. In this time I have not simply won the ability to speak with people in Turkey, but also people from all over Asia. Learning a language opens you doors to… Continue Reading →


English suffers from a terrible infermity. So does Spanish and sadly Italian too. The wound has festered for millennia. In the US only some African Americans have saved their tongue from the ailment. I speak of course of the copula… Continue Reading →

Where is your memleket

In this article I briefly explain how in English -certainly in the US- we rarely if ever start off a conversation with “Where are you from?” This is a question and at the same time a cultural object I have… Continue Reading →

Weird Grammar in other Languages

Have you ever wondered why foreign languages have extraneous grammar. Why do they lack certain words but then have too many of others? In this video, with the aid of famous 20th century linguist Roman Jacobson’s ideas, I explain a… Continue Reading →

How do you learn a foreign language?

Oh gosh am I sick of explaining this. So I made a video. How the devil do you learn a foreign language? You just do it. Go in with some help– maybe a friend, maybe a teacher, or better yet… Continue Reading →

Why can’t I speak the foreign talk

Growing –The secret to learning a language, what is it? Well, if you are reading this now, you know the answer. You already speak. The answer to this actually somewhat bad question is approximately the same answer that the question:… Continue Reading →

Çizgi Roman Yoluyla

Ever since my father told me that he made some great headway in Spanish -58 years ago- by reading comic books, I have advised my students to do the same thing. And sure from time to time I too read… Continue Reading →

Öğretme nasıl bir yol izliyorum?

Ben Öğretmiyorum. Neden? Çünkü kimse hiç bir şeyi öğretmez. Ne yapacağım ben? Kafanızı açıp beyninize bilgi mi dolduracağım? Öyle bir şey mümkün olsaydı çoktan öğretmenlik mesleği yeryüzünden kaybolmuş olurdu. Ben bir dil koçu olarak, size dil öğrenme yolunu göstermeye çalışıyorum,… Continue Reading →

Ne kadar zaman İngilizce öğreninceye?

Ne kadar bir süre içinde İngilizce? (veya her hangi yabancı dil öğrenebilirim) Kısa cevabı: İlk dilinizi öğrenmek için yaklaşık 15-25 yıl harcadığınıza göre, ikinci dilinizi yetişkin, akıcı bir şekilde konuşmak için 3000 bin saat ayırmanız lazım. Fakat, 350-400 saat içinde,… Continue Reading →

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