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Language Learning Catch-22

In this video I attempt to communicate some facts about linguistics and language learning. It is my first illustrated video. I am working on the next one now.    

What and how to say what and when.

Language takes a long time to learn, especially the first time around. (If your metric of how well a person learns is time, then kids are terrible) Take any child born to a Turkish family born on March 27 2014… Continue Reading →

Casey Neistat size hiç istemeden İngilizce Öğretiyor

Ama nasıl pratik ediliyor? Artık çok yabancı kişi kalmadı küçük şehrimizde. İstanbul yabancılarla dolu olsaydı bile onlarla nasıl arkadaş edinirdik? Tamam da, dolu, ama ana dili İngilizce olanlarla değil. Ben dil pratik etmek için birine arkadaş deyip aynı zamanda para… Continue Reading →

Machine Translation

The history of machine translation -in some way- dates back to René Descartes who proposed the idea of a universal lanuage. Any student of linguistics or anthropology knows this is absurd. Still, it is an interesting mental exercize. Google Translatin… Continue Reading →

Paint and Culture

Learning a language is more than a grammar. Most people have no idea what grammar is much like most people (including me) don’t know what quantum physics is. The surest way to become a confident, fluent speaker of English is… Continue Reading →

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