Ever since my father told me that he made some great headway in Spanish -58 years ago- by reading comic books, I have advised my students to do the same thing. And sure from time to time I too read some Uykusuz in Turkish and learn a thing or two. In truth, I have mostly read the newspaper and other short-form works of prose (and poetry) to help develop and widen my Turkish.

Right now, as far as long-form is concerned, I am reading Ince Mehmet 1, it’s pretty hard cause its full of Turkish, has no pictures, and deals with a little rat who never learns. In terms of short-form, I am reading bathroom graffiti.

whatsapp-image-2016-09-28-at-21-26-12However, I got Assassiantion Classroom for one of my students the other day, and then again I got another copy for yet another student. While getting this second copy, the salesman -a man whom I had met a teachers development workshop, suggested that I also buy the Turkish copy. Great upsell.  Anywho, on the Vapur back from Beşiktaş I started reading the thing in Turkish and I was hooked by the time I got back to Kadıköy.

Great and I mean great litte story and got-dang is it a great way to learn a language. Damn good. If you need some comic books like the amazing Calvin and Hobbes (in the original English), go to Arka Bahçe in Beşiktaş.

İngilizcenizi (veya her hangi yabancı dili) geliştirmek isterseniz, karikatür ve çizgi roman okumanızı şiddetle öneriyorum.