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Q: What languages do you teach?

A: English, Spanish and beginner Turkish.

Q: Is there an age past which language cannot be learned?

A: No. The brain is incredibly plastic. There is a time of our lives in which we are too busy to devote ourselves to learning new things. We call that adulthood.

Q: What is the best way to learn a language?

A: Check out our methods page.

Q: How long does it take to learn  a language?

A: A lifetime. A language is the sum total experience of a group of people. Contrary to popular belief, children do not learn better than adults. You can become a competent speaker of a foreign language in a few hundred hours of practice. 

Q: What is the best language learning APP?

A: In the year 2018 language learning apps are at best gimmicks which may -I stress may– motivate some to explore language, therefore learn a thing or two. At worst they are a waste of time. Sometimes, they are an expensive waste of time.

Q: I’m having trouble (have trouble) understanding what others say in [insert language you study here]

A: Great. Sounds like you are a normal human being. Understanding speakers of another language is difficult because 1. people tend to study languages that have many diverse dialects, 2. people tend to believe that having 6 semesters of language experience constitutes having language experience.

Fact: to understand a language fluently you need many thousands of hours of practice listening.

Fact: languages have little to do with sound. To understand a language you must be able to articulate well. This means you must be able to pronounce the language accurately. Not perfectly -accurately. Watch my video to understand more.