Nuestro nuevo proyecto, o como quien diría en turco, bizim yeni projemiz: to provide some seriously good language content. It is no secret that language learning content is pretty bad. And by bad I mean terrible. In a perfect world adult learners would seek media out on their own, “consume it” then ask teachers or friends for help to underdtand it. Sadly, we are not taught to learn this way.

Our approach to learner-facilitated content is to create a podcast in which we speak a little slower, explain our ideas a bit more and most importantly share it on the internet. Why is this important? Because we want to encourage learners to ask questions about the stuff we say. Social media provide a brand new opportunity to connect creators with consumers.


Q: Why don’t you make a podcast for beginners?

A: there’s plenty of overly simple content for fresh begginers. The key to getting better is challenging yourself.

Q: Your podcast doesn’t not seem very simplified. How is this content for learners?

A: Our goal is to speak a bit more slowly and to use repetition and rephrasing to clue the listener in. Not to make crappy, boring content. 

Q: How can listeners ask questions? Or where?

A: They should ask questions on the platform where they found our content. That or on out Facebook page.

Q: Will listenint to YabanciTalk make me a better English speaker?

A: No. But it will help, especially if you ask questions. Asking questions is the best way to learn.

Q: How long do you plan to do this for?

A: Until we get tired of it.

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