What languages do I teach?

I teach Spanish and ESL (English as a Second language).

Anyone can learn a foreign language. How successfull they will be depends on their goals, motivation and amount of time they can or are willing to devote to language learning.

What levels do I teach?

The notion of “levels” in language teaching has more to do with the social and economic demands of clasroom teaching and the business of language schools than real, human, neurological realities. Put another way, tests, certifications and degrees are theings that evolved to serve the needs of large societies where the vetting of strangers was necessary. Bureaucracies and tests go hand-in-hand. I give private classes.

If you are truly motivated to learn, in 4-8 months I can teach you HOW to learn a language. After that, I will just be a friend. 

Spanish and English for special purposes – business, medicine, law, etc.

Language for special or “specific” purposes classes are a great business. You can charge a lot more for what is essentially vocabulary lists. If you are a professional and who needs to “catch up” on specific vocabularies, phrases, and culturally appropriate behaviors, I can help. However, there are no short-cuts in language learning. However, a good course plan, access to the right people and materials can help! I won’t charge more to help you reach your goals.