What languages do we teach?

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Take a look at this chart. This is the percent of English speakers per modern counrty.

Learning English gives to access to most of the world of commerce, most of science, all of the hollywood film industry, 200-300 years of English literature and art, and more confidence in travel. English is spoken by about 1,000,000,000 as a first or second language. Knowing English gives you access to many other languages as well since 3,000,000,000 people speak a language which shares English grammar and cognate words.


Spanish speaking countries.

Spanish speaking countries.

Knowing Spanish gives you access to about 600,000,000 people who live in all of Latin America (including the southern USA), Spain one Equatorial Guniea (in Africa) and a small chunk of Indonesia. Furthermore, if you know Spanish you can probably communicate with Italian and Portuguese speakers (if they are open-minded). Knowing Spanish gives you access to 500 years of culture and literature of three continents, and teaches you many many ideas and words shared with French, English, Portuguese, Italian, and to some degreen Romanian and the minor romance languages like Catalan and Langue D’Oc.

Don’t forget that native Spanish is still spoken in Istanbul. Until about 1955 Turkey had a large Spanish speaking population, as did Thessalonike (Salonika).

After the 1948 establishment of Israel and other events, most of these people left the Agean region. However, some still live here. When you speak with a Ladino (Ottoman Spanish) speaker you speak with someone who speaks a version of Spanish which lost contact with the rest of Spanish in 1492 and began to take in new Turkish, Greek and Arabic words. Facinating.

We also have good friends -independant educators and language schools- who can teach you:

  • Turkish
  • French

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