All people learn language in approximately the same way at all ages.

owever differences in starting knowledge and need for the language make for very different outcomes.

Children don’t just learn language, they learn about the world.

Children don’t often see a need for a second language -after all, they can speak their other one(s).

As a teacher of youth and school-age children, my goal is twofold.

1. to provide support for whatever education the child may be getting in school.

2. and more importantly, I try to help the child develop an interest in the foreign language and motivation to seek out the language on their own.

In short, my job as an educator is to create activities which make the student WONDER about language or grammar. Then, I help the child explore this new world with games, activities and grammar exercizes -whichever is most appropriate.

From a methodology point of view, I use the CLT framework to create communicative enviorments that raise student awareness, attention and motivation. Then, as a linguist and clinitian I guide the student in discovering words and grammar.

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One student Project:

This is an example of a student project. Here the student explained what aqueducts are. He feels more comfortable speaking through “Tommy” than in person.

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