What do I teach?

I teach mostly languages: Spanish, English and sometimes Turkish.

As a side-project, I am working on teaching other subjects in biology and history.

Language Teaching

There are a lot of myths are regarding second language learning. There, in fact, a lot of myths regarding first language learning. Just like in human history there have been (and continue) to be a lot of myths regarding other parts of the human body –no homeopathy is not a cure for anything (even thirst!), no bloodletting won’t cure anything, there are many myths about how children and adults learn and use language.

I am a language learner, educator and linguist. I study language from these three lenses. I was raised bilingually and learned a third language as an adult (Turkish).  I study more technical aspects of language including pragmatics, articulartory phonetics  and typology, and I work to develop engaging, effective ways of helping others learn language.

  • I can help you understand a foreign language when have trouble listening but are “ok with reading.”
  • I can help you learn how to more “efficiently” learn a foreign language. Most people don’t know what resources to use or even how to best use the language resources they have.
  • I can help you pronounce better –not just so that others understand you better (they probably have little trouble) but so that you can understand them better!
  • If you are studying a language to get a grade in a class, I can help you do better on your tests (even though this not language learning, this is learning to pass tests).


You can learn more about my methods on my methods page. However, while I have your attention, I will say this? I use all tools available to me to motivate students to explore language and all means possible to explain concepts and ideas to my students. These vary by age or the student, their education and their goals. Ultimately, I rely on digital tools, smart-phones, books, acting and MOST IMPORTANTLY the language community to help students learn.

More about me?

You can learn more about my credentials on the about me page.


How much I charge for my tutoring/teaching services depends on how many hours we agree to work together and how far I must travel to meet with my students. Please write to inquire about rates and availability.

It takes a village to raise a language speaker, and far too much time to maintain a website