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Unpredictability of language

As I sit here updating this website, I am at a bar listening to people speak and converse and do what it is that social monkeys do: Talk. There is this idea that people who have lived in a foreign… Continue Reading →

En La Ardiente Oscuridad

Recently I read a fantástic book. It is Antonio Buero Vallejo’s En La Ardiente Oscuridad. In calling it “a book”, I think most who read this would imagine that it is a novel, but no, it is a stage play…. Continue Reading →

What kind of parent teaches language?

An observation. Immigration/emigration – the notion that a person, a related group of people, or some large percentage of people of an area should leave the lands in which he/she/they have lived in for generations and take up residence in… Continue Reading →

This bilingual film is superlative adjective!

I recently watched (or perhaps re-watched, my memory fails me in my early senescence) a very excellent multi-language movie called Children of a Lesser God. I enjoyed the movie despite its rich undertones of male chauvinism and female objectification because… Continue Reading →

Red Mektupları

Yabancı dil öğrenmemize en ciddi engel geçek dile özgün konuşma, yazma çeşitlerini görme imkanların kısıtlı olması. İş dünyasında resmi bir email veya bir rapor yazmaya çalıştığımızda yazmak istediğimiz cümlelere, ifadelere benzer az öğrenkler gördüğümüz için, bir türlü kendmizi anlatamayıp gramerde… Continue Reading →

The Handicap of Spelling

In this video -a sort of vlog style video- I try to present the idea that difficult spelling systems are indeed a handicap in the Zahavian sense. I also suggest the same for conjugation paradigmata. The main thesis is that… Continue Reading →

Gender and Language

In the developed world, or perhaps all over the globe, there is an ongoing discussion regarding the sexes and gender. Maybe, this is new approach to an ancient discussion. Maybe there is nothing new under the sun. Especially in the… Continue Reading →

Language Has Nothing To Do With Sound

On commonly held misconception is that languages have much to do with sound. The truth is that they do not. Not much. Certainly, sounds are not a requisite part of language, just ask Marlee Matlin. Like all physical human activities… Continue Reading →

Dil öğrenme kasır döngüsü

Dil öğrenmek çok zor. Bazıları ne kadar çalışırda çalışsın sanki hiç öğrenemiyorlar. Bu durumun nedeni ne? Neden kaynaklanıyor ve artık öğrenmek istediğimiz veya öğrenmemiz gereken dili öğrenmek için neyi yapmamız lazım? Bu videoda bu sorulara bazı cevap vermeye calışıyorum. Bu… Continue Reading →

Telling Stories for Language Learning Success

Language is mainly used to tell stories. I don’t have the statistics to back that up, but it seems common-sense true. Also It seems true me a guy with a masters in linguistics. At any rate, the only way to… Continue Reading →

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